Research team

Scion team

Dr Emily Telfer
Molecular Breeding Scientist, Forest Genetics
Dr Telfer specialises in molecular biology, bacterial and fungal transformation and gene expression. She has been involved in gene expression in fungi, both genetic and non-genetic systems.

Rebecca McDougal
Molecular Forest Pathologist, Forest Protection

Stefan Hill
Scientist/NMR Spectroscopist/Research Leader – Advanced Chemical Characterisation, Biopolymers & Chemicals

Laura Raymond
Scientist, Clean Technologies

Ilena Isak
Scientist, Biopolymers & Chemicals

Natalie Graham
Senior Research Officer, Forest Genetics
Natalie’s background is in molecular biology, investigating abiotic-stress induced gene expression in sugarcane. Natalie has experience in managing large complex datasets, tracking samples from field through to lab analyses, with expertise in the extraction of DNA from recalcitrant samples. She has worked on the detection of pathogens from individual seed components using molecular techniques, also applying her skills to Scion’s association genetics research and more recently in the Genomic Selection and Healthy Trees Healthy Future programmes. Natalie’s role in the HTHF programme has been the screening of industry-relevant breeding material for susceptibility to Phytophthora species.

Lindsay Bulman
Science Leader, Forest Protection
Lindsay Bulman is a nationally renowned science leader who specialises in the effects of foliar diseases and techniques available to mitigate losses. He has carried out research for 35 years and has a long and broad track record of helping to manage diseases affecting radiata pine in New Zealand. Lindsay’s current research encompasses disease and growth loss interactions and reducing impact of Phytophthora diseases.

NZ Collaborators
Plant and Food Research
Dr Ian Horner
Dr Vincent Bus 
Dr Erik Rikkerink

The Auckland University of Technology
Dr Sebastian Leuzinger (AUT)

Landcare Research
Dr Stanley Belgard

Massey University
Associate Professor Rosie Bradshaw

Research Associates

Dr Wayne Patrick Otago University

Dr Monica Gerth Otago University

Dr Paul Gardner University of Canterbury